Friday, August 25

The Nature of Artists

I've been reading the writings of a young sculptor, Jenny Read, and they have led me to reflect on the nature of artists. It continues to amaze me how similar our thoughts are. It causes me to wonder if we are all searching for the same unspoken truths. Following different paths, longing to stumble upon the answers to the questions embedded so deep within. Artists walk the line between quiet and bold. We possess reflectivity and sensitivity combined with the courage to face our fears-to question and explore them through our work. We absorb the world around us, become living catalysts, and strive to capture a fragment of the life we so intensely observe. Artists are led by passion and a desire to lay bare the soul. As with all humanity, artists differ widely in our interests, interpretations, and perspectives, but beyond our diversity we are all searching. We are searching for glimpses of truth-nuggets of insight that speak to something within us. Our work is the embodiment of our search. Art is not static, but alive, constantly evolving with emerging cultural context, varying interpretations, and continued dialogues. It is a forum for the artist's search to converge with that of the viewer. The power of artists lies in their ability to impact humanity.
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