Sunday, July 2

Commercialism in Art

When I look at the art world today I see a system that has become commercialized and devoid of the passion and purity of art. It is fraught with politics, political correctness, and hidden agendas. Museums claim to be unbiased, but present exhibits that cater to the preferences and tastes of the individuals who fund them. Private collectors, unless financially unburdened, are forced to appreciate art not simply on its own merits but evaluate its monetary worth as an investment. Educational budget cuts lead schools across the country to cut arts education, sending the message that the arts are less important or unessential to our culture. Artists emerge from college into a world lacking the connection to peers and colleagues that they found in school. Today’s art world is clouded by a lens of bureaucracy and detachment, and has lost sight of the art that should be its central focus. As artists we must challenge the standards of the contemporary art scene, and attempt to improve them.

I believe we, as a society, need to revaluate the art world, as it exists today if we expect art to retain its integrity and vitality. The art world desperately needs to be infused with a sense of community, and refocus itself on art. We need to elevate the status of art in our culture by integrating art into everyday life: both public and private. Community art centers can encourage the growth and exploration of art on a local level. Programs that establish public art commissions for local parks, businesses, restaurants, and schools can be developed in an effort to connect artist with their communities. Government funding for the arts should be increased, and organizations that provide artists with benefits such as health insurance should be put in place. Contemporary artists need to have more forums to display their work, and artists should play a more integral role in what and how art is displayed in museums and galleries. Finally, I believe it is vital to create a forum that maintains a connection and encourages a continuing dialogue among artists.

As emerging artists, it is important for us to evaluate the world we are about to enter. We must confront the flaws in today’s art world and implement positive changes. If we agree that art is worth devoting our lives to pursuing, then we must also agree on the importance of improving the art world as a whole.

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