Saturday, August 26

Michael Queenland: Photographs, Sculpture, and Shaker Classics

Reflective, quiet, minimalist, mysterious, intriguing, nostalgic, these are just a few of the ways to describe Michael Queenland: Photographs, Sculpture, and Shaker Classics. The exhibit deals largely with Michael's exploration of the dimensions of thought and circulation. In a sense Michael attempts to dissect the human psyche: delving into areas of curiosity, memory, observation, and human connection. He draws viewers into his simplistic forms and compositions by injecting an air of mystique, or as he refers to it, the wonder of the mundane. Once absorbed in a piece, the viewer is confronted with the nostalgia of found objects. In particular, Memorabilia and Standing Brooms until All or None Fall Over implore the viewer to ponder each object's past. Through this exploration we stumble upon another of Queenland's themes: the circulation of thought and knowledge. Found objects become metaphors for all that is passed amongst humanity.

Michael's work is also deeply concerned with process: not only the psychological processes of the viewer, but the physical process of creating each piece. There is a great deal of care placed on craft and aesthetic. Aside from the formal aspect of the process, he often allows for chance to play a role in his creations. He enjoys pushing the viewer's expectations of what art is and what will or did happen.

Queenland's work mimics his own demeanor through subtle aesthetics paired with conceptual poignancy. His pieces are quiet, yet powerfully magnetic. We are captured by awe and continually rewarded as we discover layer upon layer of complexity. His work provides both an opportunity for reflection and a springboard for thought.
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